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They’re Back!

Started getting the cultural probes back last week which was quite exciting. Out of the 25 I gave out, I’ve got 15 back so far. I’m not too hopeful for getting the others back, I think people will have forgotten about them by now, but still I’m quite happy with 15. 

I’ve loved reading them, people have obviously put a lot of thought in to them. They’re all really interesting and completely different, some are pretty funny and some are just weird (thanks ROBIN). They give really nice, personal perspectives of different cities. I want to go to all the places people have written about! Thanks to everyone who filled one in.

The map above is my favourite out of all of them. Its been marked with loads of places with a wee description beside each. Its like a personalised tourist map. Its made me start thinking about how I could create the same effect through my project. Maybe some sort of exchange of personalised maps between people from different countries? But that would be changing my idea quite dramatically. Keeping things more on track, maybe the person who leaves a device in a location could write their own set of directions to it, to be given to someone visiting that area. Hmmm…more thoughts on this coming soon.

The next few posts will show some of my other favourite/most interesting responses from the probes.

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